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AESPcLink Version 6.7 Is Now Available

AESPcLink Version 6.7 Is Now Available


Effective December 22, 2006 an upgrade version of AESPcLink,
Version 6.7, is available to be downloaded.

AESPcLink Version 6.7 contains the following new features:

Proper Validation of License Types

Version 6.7 will further validate the Export Control Classification
Number (ECCN) and the License Number. Previously, the ECCNs were
primarily validated for their format while License Numbers were
validated based on whether they were required, not required or
conditional. Recent additions have required the expansion of the
AESPcLink validations to include specific values in these fields.

The update affects the following License Types:


Alphanumeric Suffix in USPPI Profile

Version 6.7 allows users to enter alphanumeric characters in the
Suffix field of the USPPI ID Number. Previously, when entering an
11 character USPPI ID Number, AESPcLink validations would not allow
for alphanumeric characters in the Suffix field.

To update your AESPcLink software to the latest 6.7 Version, please
go to the the “Tools” Menu in AESPcLink and select
“Update AESPcLink Software” and follow the instructions provided.

Once the latest 6.7 Version is downloaded, please update your
AES Code Tables – Other (License, Export, Unit Codes) from the
“Tools” Menu in AESPcLink in order to fully utilize these new

For further information or questions, contact the U.S. Census Bureau’s
AES Branch at 1-800-549-0595, menu option 1 or at