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BIS License Code Update

Effective immediately, a new License Code C57 – Validated End-User (VEU)
has been added in AES as a result of the final rule on exports destined
to China under “Authorized Validated End-User (VEU)” published today by
the Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS).

At a later date, BIS will publish the names of the VEUs for whom this
license code can be reported. Until this list is published, please do
not use this license code.

Appendix F of the Automated Export System Trade Interface Requirements
(AESTIR) has been updated to reflect the new License Code. To review
the update, please see:

All AESPcLink users must update their AESDirect code tables to reflect
the update of the License Code. Users of AESDirect who file via the
website at will have their code tables updated via
the program automatically.

For further information or questions, contact the U.S Census Bureau
AES Branch at 1-800-549-0595, menu option 1 or at

For more information regarding this final rule, please see the BIS
website at